End to End Solution

A completely hosted and managed online solution for Exam Creation and Exam Administration, we take care of everything. We give you Fully Hosted and Managed Solutions.You don’t need to maintain any IT system.

Test generation

We give you advantage to create multiple test categories for various subjects or courses. You can Randomize sequence of questions and responses. Format questions as well as responses as per your requirements and also Include images in questions as well as responses.

Examiner Registration

One step examinee registration with the help of a simple online form.

Examinee Registration

One step Examinee/Student registration with the help of a simple online form.

Easy to use for everyone

Testmindz is an online exam system designed for individuals, educational institutes, business organizations and their candidates. It is easy to use for everyone. Administrator, teachers and candidates.

Powerful Analysis

Testmindz provides a comprehensive set of real-time reports allowing you to accurately measure the effectiveness of every quiz or exam you conduct or appear. Go beyond results and deeply measure learning of your candidates.